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Featured Greeting Cards
Each week we select three free greeting cards from our collection and feature them on our homepage.

Free Greeting Cards
April Fools Greeting Cards
April Fools Cards
Prank your friends with April Fools greetings.
Best of Luck Greeting Cards
Best Of Luck Cards
Spread your luck with these greeting cards.
Birthday Greeting Cards
Birthday Cards
Celebrate a birthday with our birthday cards.
Christmas Greeting Cards
Christmas Cards
Dozens of free cards for the Christmas holiday.
Congratulation Greeting Cards
Congratulation Cards
Congratulate someone on their achievements.
Dance Greeting Cards
Dance Cards
Fun greeting cards with dancers and mooners.
Easter Greeting Cards
Easter Cards
Free greeting cards for the Easter holiday.
Everyday Greeting Cards
Everyday Cards
You don't always need a reason to send a card.
Flower Greeting Cards
Flower Cards
Flowers die, flower greeting cards do not.
Friends Greeting Cards
Friends Cards
Show your friends how much you love them.
Get Well Greeting Cards
Get Well Cards
Get Well greetings can have healing effects.
Halloween Greeting Cards
Halloween Cards
Scare your friends with free Halloween cards.
Hello Greeting Cards
Hello Cards
Greet your friends or family with Hello cards.

Hugs & Kisses Greeting Cards
Hugs & Kisses Cards
Give a hug or kiss with these greeting cards.
Invitation Greeting Cards
Invitation Cards
Invite friends and family with invitation cards.
Keep In Touch Greeting Cards
Keep In Touch Cards
Use these cards to let people know you care.
Keep Smiling Greeting Cards
Keep Smiling Cards
Infect others with a smile using these cards.
Love Greeting Cards
Love Cards
Declare your love for someone with love cards.
Missing You Greeting Cards
Missing You Cards
Free greeting cards for people you miss.
New Year Greeting Cards
New Year Cards
Celebrate the new year with New Years cards.
Sorry Greeting Cards
Sorry Cards
Show you're sorry with these free Sorry cards.
Thank You Greeting Cards
Thank You Cards
Show someone you are grateful with a card.
Thanksgiving Greeting Cards
Thanksgiving Cards
Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with these cards.
Thinking Of You Greeting Cards
Thinking Of You Cards
Let him/her know with a Thinking Of You card.
Valentine Greeting Cards
Valentine Cards
Celebrate Valentine's Day with a greeting card.
Various Greeting Cards
Various Cards
Various greeting cards for various occasions.
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