4 Of the Best Getaways in England

best getaways in England

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England may not have the best weather in the world but it has some of the most iconic places to visit. And a little bit of rain or wind can never put you off from getting out and about to see what this part of the globe has to offer, does it? Packed with vibrant cities, national parks, and amazing seaside resorts, there’s something for everyone on a vacation or a short getaway. And speaking of getaways, here is a quick overview of the best options in England:

Experience Newcastle Nightlife

If your nightlife has become a bit boring over the past months, Newcastle will give you something new to experience. Crawl the many pubs around Times Square, Quayside, Collingwood Street, Newcastle Station, and the Bigg Market or listen to music at the clubs and halls that once hosted The Animals, Dire Straits, and Sting and the Police.  If you aren’t a night owl, you can bike through the city, admiring its breathtaking architectural gems.

Attend A Festival in Glasgow

Glasgow hosts at least one festival every month, with most of them happening in summer. Glasgow Film Festival, Pride Glasgow, West End Festival, and Glasgow Art Fair are some of the best-known festivals that you shouldn’t miss while you are in or around Glasgow. If there is no festival scheduled, you can still wander around the city for live music and lip-smacking food scenes. You can also explore the city’s stunning collection of medieval buildings, including the Glasgow Cathedral.

Visit the Isle of Skye

If you are looking for the best getaways in England, especially in summer, the Isle of Skye will never disappoint you. When the ice has melted, the flowing water and the picturesque green landscape make for the perfect getaway or vacation destination away from home. You can hike, boat, kayak, fish, trek, or take part in other wonder activities that this island has to offer.

Visit the Historic Roman Bath

The City of Bath houses one of the best-preserved Roman baths in the whole of Europe. Take a tour of this amazing historic site and see what all the Roman Kingdom and earlier civilizations raved about back in the day.

There you have it; some of the best getaways in England. Truly, there is no dearth of places to visit or things to do in England. So, don’t think much when planning for your next getaway—start with the above-highlighted options