Here’s How a Website Affect Your Brand and Business Reputation

Brand and Business Reputation

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Branding is one of the most discussed fields in business nowadays, and it definitely should be. The perfectly managed brand is a guarantee for perfect business results. On the other side, brand value has always been a part of the company’s reputation, which is why we cannot deny that these three terms should always be considered and evaluated together – brand, business and reputation. Do you know what we should add to them to make the circle close? Especially when having in mind that we live in a digital era? Yes, you are right – the website.

The website is a reflection of the brand, but it’s also the business face and the critical element in the strategy for building up a good reputation. This is why we are confident when claiming that website development is a necessary process that can affect the company’s brand and its reputation.  Here’s why and how.

75% of the companies start improving their negative reputation with a new website

It’s the easiest and the fastest step to make to get back on your feet. And you don’t have to be a web site development specialist to know that it will work. Customers nowadays evaluate with their eyes and to be more specific with what their eyes see on the screen. According to the statistics, nearly 35% of the companies with negative reputation succeed in finding balance in their spheres just two months after releasing their new websites.

When a website doesn’t match the brand conception, the company sustains the negative feedback

The modern internet users are no longer so easy to be manipulated. They can notice that a company hasn’t managed things right when there’s a lack of correspondence between the brand message and the website design. Eventually, this company loses its positions by being labelled as “too young”, “far away from the big players in the sphere” and even “badly managed”.

A wrong website sends customers away, including the loyal ones

Brand advocacy is a term which embraces the most regular clients, who are so devoted and tight to a particular company that they tend to defend, promote and glorify the specific company instead of it. Usually, this term refers to a company with an excellent and high reputation. The website is where these loyal customers practice this “advocacy” by leaving feedback, comments and even by sharing the website content as non-paid advertisers.

When a company is at its early starting stage, the website spreads the brand message

About 90% of the newly opened companies today have a website on the day they appear in the trade list with the officially registered companies. No small business can afford to emerge into the market without a website. This is why sometimes a company might even start with nothing, but a website. Paying only for the website development service is the only expense they make. Eventually, the company uses this page to estimate the risk, to research the potential interest to the offered service or product and even to gather its first customers. If you need a company specialized in web services and offering a large variety of services like website development, SEO and copywriting Mint Soft LTD is probably the best company for your business!