Predictions About The Digitally Enabled World In 2017

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With the coming of the New Year, the technological enthusiast can see many modern tech developments, and the experts in the year 2016 did new predictions. Most of the IT giants are looking forward to including the latest technology in their day-to-day work. This will help in efficiently accomplishing the tasks and providing better output to the clients of the company. Here are some of the points that will throw light on the tech developments that are predicted by the experts for the year 2017:

Go Wireless

The technical trends are always changing and bringing in a revolution in the working of the companies. The experts in the year 2017 are predicting the wireless technology that will help in building the connection between the operating systems and the smart homes. This type of tech trend has emerged already, as it will be connected with the OS-independent tech services, computing devices, and the accessories.

Enabling Real-Time Analysis

The real timer solutions are helping the business houses to manage the huge volumes of data as the small and big businesses are focusing on the real-time solutions. The Data Management Platforms (DMPs) will be used by the business houses in order to store, manage and analyze the offline and online data that is available in a large amount at one place.

Qualitative Storage of Big Data

The Big data is a substantial quantity of data that helps in the accessing through the great volume of data that is being needed by the person at the right time. The storage of the Big Data is an issue, until now, but the year 2017 will witness the managing and qualitative storage of the inaccessible data. The experts are searching for the robust and empathetic way of storing the Big Data with proper visualization.

Inculcating of VR/AR technologies

The VR/AR technology is making its position among the users nowadays as Virtual and Augmented Reality is becoming the part of today’s technical world and has surpassed the wearable tech trend. As the companies are looking forward to including the AR/VR in the usage of the designing and development of the software, so the investments will be done around $4 billion. Even the experts have also predicted the usage of VR/AR in the year 2017 and beyond for making the work comfortably and efficient.

Lastly, it can be seen that there are many more predictions done by the technological experts for the year 2017 in the changes that will be brought forward by the IT giants for making the work easy for the users.

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