3 Long Arm Sewing Machines For Quilting

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In spite of being costly and huge that occupies more space, it is the best idea to use a long arm quilting machine to get excellent results and make your quilting dream come true. Have a look at three long arm quilting machine with many details for you to take a decision.


  1. Tin Lizzie 18 Sit-down

According to the elreviews.com, one of the best long arm quilting machines is the Tin Lizzie. It is affordable combined with great features.


Features and Benefits of Using Tin Lizzie Model


  • It eases the back pain of people with the seated model.
  • It is the cost-effective model.
  • The table specification is 30” D x 47″ W x 30″ H very comfortable and is foldable.
  • Its sturdy model with the folding option requires less space when not in use.
  • It is a manual machine with powerful movement option.
  • The sewing head is aluminum and is durable.
  • The closed quilting machine prevents mess due to the oil.
  • It can allow dual thread, and the needle position can happen automatically.
  • It has dual thread capability, just like the larger standing models.


It is the best choice for people who love to have a manual machine.


  1. Q’nique

This model is a standing model. It allows the full workpiece to be hanged with its long quilting arm. For those individuals who directly go behind the computerized model must select The Q’nique.


Advantages Offered By Q’nique


  • Within a minute, you can stitch 1800 stitches using the Q’nique.
  • It is affordable and similar to Tin Lizzie in cost but offers automatic stitching option.
  • The OLED screen makes it superior to all long arm machines and is legible and bright.
  • Has a built-in stitch regulator.
  • The stitches coming out of this are neat and even.
  • The unique feature it offers is the mode namely, the precise, cruise, baste, and manual with plenty of stitching options.


For the stand out preference, you must choose this, and the table choosers should go for Tin Lizzie.


  1. Juki ‘s TL-2200

Juki cost you more but offers many smarter features. When you know quilting in fingertips, then you can play around with Juki.


Best Features of Juki


  • It is a most expensive machine, but the speed of the device will make the buyer forget the cost.
  • It is a table model like Tin Lizzie but much slimmer than it.
  • It can make up for 2200 stitches in one minute.
  • It offers complete control over the stitches.
  • The LCD screen is touch, and the display will show the position of the needle.
  • Bright and legible LED like Q’nique.
  • It is the only long arm machine with automatic thread trimmer.



You must go for The Tin Lizzie for a manual stitching option and cost. The Q’nique for its price and automatic features. Juki is expensive but professional and best suited for commercial purposes.

Remember to read the user guide and follow the same to make efficient use of any long-arm quilting machine you buy.