Four Best Tips to Pass the Urine Test for Weed Within 24 Hours

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Most of the people smoke cannabis and sometimes it becomes impossible to pass the urine test within 24 hours. There are many products available in the market that may assist in cleaning of the system but there is no magic method available. However, people can still pass the urine test if they have taken any kind of toxin or THC. The passing of this test is compulsory in order to preserve one’s present job or to take up any new job. In order to know how to pass a urine test for weed, one can use these proven four tips to pass their test that involves weed consumption and clearing it off their system within 24 hours.

Eliminate the Weed using Cranberry Juice

Most of the people may feel helpless for clearing the weed from their urine. However, some of the reports have suggested that if the Cranberry juice is taken along with plenty of water then the urine test can be passed. The contents present in the juice can assist to mask the THC metabolites so that the test of the person shows the result as inconclusive. This will lead to another test in order to clarify. Therefore, in the meantime, the person can have lots of cranberry juice with a good amount of water to flush out any kind of toxins still present in the body.

Intake of Niacin

The person who wants to know about how to pass a urine test for weed, they can take Niacin for flushing out Marijuana from their system. According to some reports, Niacin may not help in clearing the system of weed 100% but if it is taken along with the goldenseal then the person can clear the urine test. Most of the time, the results may come out to be conclusive but until the next test, the system will be cleared. Some people may feel a prickly feeling but it remains for a small time.

Usage of Detox Drinks

If a person wants to pass their urine test within 24 hours against weed then they can rely on the Detox drinks available in the market. These branded products help the user to clean their body properly and one can pass their urine test without any difficulty. With this, the person can also eat lots of vegetables and fruits along with plenty of water to cleanse their body naturally too.

High-Quality Synthetic Urine

In case if the person has to pass the urine test in less than 24 hours or exactly on a particular time then they can use this fastest method. If someone is looking for a great solution on how to pass a urine test for weed then people should prefer high-quality synthetic urine. It must contain uric acid, essential chemicals and urea. Even it should be preserved between the temperatures ranging between 98 and 102 degrees.

Lastly, people can make use of the branded products, medicines or home remedies available with them. However, the only solution to pass the urine test is to avoid the dosage of cannabis before any kind of profession-related test.